Birth Parent Search Analysis

The Birth Parent Search Analysis is one of two customized reports offers (the other is our Orphanage Reliability Analysis) to help adoptees and their adoptive families gain insight into their early life and records. All adoptees and their families are told where the adoptee was found, but what they lack is the view of the "forest": How many children are found at a particular finding location? Do the orphanage’s adoption statistics lend clues to the reliability of its information? Is there a way to quantify success probabilities of a birth parent search before spending valuable time and resources?

Sample Birth Parent Search Analysis

We have nearly 20 years of experience interviewing orphanage directors and gathering information, statistics, and insight into how children are abandoned and found in China. Using that expertise, we are able to offer a Birth Parent Search Analysis to help adoptees and their families by providing data-supported answers to questions, as well as to decide which birth parent search strategies would be useful. Adoptees and families conducting searches often employ methods and "searchers" that end up damaging their chances of a successful search. This report will provide answers as to which tactics will bring the greatest chances of success.

An added benefit to families that purchase our search report is membership in our Birth Parent Search Group, the largest email-based search group composed of a wide spectrum of more than 1,100 adoptees and adoptive families — from those who are just starting a search to those who have found birth family, many as a result of their Birth Parent Search Analysis. Our search group is the most educational and informational Chinese search group an adoptee or adoptive family can join. Unlike all other search groups, our group is open to any topic, with no limitations. It will provide you with a wealth of ideas and strategies to take your report and implement it successfully.

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Disclaimer: Data used to calculate assumptions and probabilities are gathered with as much precision as possible. Information presented to adoptive families is for their use only and is not to be published in print or electronic forums without permission of The probabilities presented are designed to be “best-guess” estimates only. Although we believe these calculations to be valid, the actual outcome may be impacted by unknown variables such as orphanage records (which may have birth family data), finding location accuracy and other factors.