Orphanages - Jiangxi Province

About Jiangxi Province

As of 2006, Jiangxi Province has a total of 51 social welfare institutes (orphanages) participating in the international adoption program. Separated into jurisdictions, that number includes:

  • 11 prefecture-level cities, all of which have orphanages participating in the international adoption program;
  • 10 sub-provisional (county-level) cities, 7 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program;
  • 70 counties, 29 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program; and
  • 19 districts, 4 of which have orphanages participating in the IA program.

Guangdong adoptions, 2000-2006Complete data for Jiangxi is available from 2003 forward. In that period, the peak occurred in 2004 with 3,178 submissions being made. Adoption submissions fell to 2,401 in 2006, a decline of 24.5% from 2004.

The social welfare institutes in Jiangxi Province that participate in international adoptions are listed below in alphabetical order. We post pages as we gather information; click on the name to see what information we have for that orphanage:

- A -
Anyuan County
- C -
Chongren County
- D -
Duchang County
- F -
Fengcheng City
Fengxin County
Fenyi County
Fuzhou City
- G -
Ganzhou City
Gao’An City
Guangchang County
Guixi City
- H -
Hengfeng County

- J -
Ji’An City

Jingdezhen City
Jiujiang City
Jizhou District
- L -
Leping City
- N -
Nanchang City
Nanchang County
Nancheng County
Nanfeng County
Nankang City
Ningdu County
- P -
Pingxiang City
Poyang County

- R -
Ruijin City
- S -
Shanggao County
Shangrao City
Shicheng County
Suichuan County
- T -
Taihe County
Tonggu County
- W -
Wanzai County
- X -
Xiajiang County
Xinfeng County
Xinzhou District
Xinyu City
Xiushui County
- Y -
Yichun City
Yifeng County
Yihuang County
Yujiang County
Yingtan City
Yiyang County
Yongfeng County
Yongxiu County
Yuanzhou District
Yugan County
- Z -
Zhanggong District
Zhangshu City
Jiangxi city map Jiujiang City Jingdezhen City Shangrao City Nanchang City Yichun City Pingxiang City Xinyu City Fuzhou City Ji'an City Yingtan City Ganzhou City