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Previous Xinzhou welfare institute
Previous Shangrao City Social Welfare Institute - the Dabai (White) Building - before May 2005.
Current Xinzhou welfare institute
Current Shangrao City institute as of May 2005.
The baby room in the current Xinzhou institute
The baby room in the current institute.
sample finding ad
Sample Jiangxi finding ad

Shangrao City Social Welfare Institute

If you have photos or information about this orphanage, please e-mail them to us. View the DianBai orphanage page to see an example of the type of information we're looking for. We will put the information you provide on this page to assist other families. We are particularly interested in orphanage photos (current and previous), director photo with name and tenure information, and any miscellaneous information. We appreciate your help in making this project worthwhile to adoption families.

About this orphanage:
The Shangrao City orphanage opened in December 2003 and had its first adoptions in 2004. In 2004, 61 children were adopted internationally. There are nearly 200 children in the orphanage, of which about 50 are special needs. International adoptions account for 70% of all their adoptions. "Ling" kids are those found outside Shangrao itself. It is a very large area, including many "orphanages,"or more appropriately called welfare centers. "Fuliyuan," the word translated as "orphanage" in English, is really a word that encompasses Old People's homes, relief centers, etc. It is not limited to orphanages. Thus, finding locations such as Qianshan, Wannian, Yushan, etc. are not true orphanages, but Old People's houses.

Named after the majestic mountains to Shangrao's south (Ling Mountains), this orphanage facility is currently housed in the Waishang Trading Club. There are about six buildings on the complex, and the orphanage is in Building 2.

The orphanage moved into this facility in May 2005. Prior to that time, it was located closer to town in the "Dabai (White) Building." As of December 2005, it had not yet been renovated.

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Adoption Stats:
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Available from Research-China:
Finding Ads - Finding ads are published by the orphanage as the first step for international adoption. The photos used in the ads pre-date a child's referral photo by several months. Additionally, information contained in the ads is very valuable to adoptive families, especially those who have not traveled yet.

Foster Families -Through the course of our research journeys over the years, Research-China has come across many foster families. Since they can often provide valuable life history for our children, we try to put adoptive families in touch with the famlies who cared for their children in China. The foster families and foster mothers who cared for children from this orphanage are listed here. If you find your child's name in our list, you can contact us for the foster family's phone number or address. If you have any foster family information that you think may be helpful to others, please let us know by e-mail:

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