China imagesPhotos of Orphanage Cities

Over the years, Research-China has visited many orphanages throughout China. We have built a large catalog of photos from these journeys that are available for purchase. They include pictures of the orphanages and staff, foster parents, finding locations, sites around the villages, towns and cities, and more. They show the diverse Chinese culture and its people, from poverty to wealth, from city crowds to scenic mountains, from old-fashioned ways to modern trends.

These photos will be especially valuable to families who did not have the opportunity to visit the orphanage or finding location for their child. Parents may be interested in purchasing these photos for their child's lifebooks, for adoption albums, or scrapbooking, or even for sharing at reunions.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR PHOTO SITE. Be sure to wait for the thumbnail images to load to see all that we have available. City photos are organized by province first, then city.

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