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Research-China has three different blogs:
1) Our free, public blog, Research-China.Org

This blog includes essays from my experiences researching China's orphanages. My intent is to educate adoptive parents about Chinese culture, China adoptions and aspects of their child's early life in China. To receive updates to this blog by e-mail:

Research-China's Blogs
2) Our subscription blog, The Rest of the Story

You can access this blog only by being a subscriber. Due to the often sensitive nature of these essays, subscription to this private blog is a one-time fee of $20. In this blog I explore the issues and topics surrounding China's international adoption program in more detail than I can offer in the open, public blog. We hope that the identification and financial barriers will encourage a more detailed discussion than in the open blog. 

Subscribe to
"The Rest of the Story"

One-time fee of $20

If you prefer Venmo or another form of payment, contact me.

Highlighted articles:

  • How Effective & Reliable is the Chinese National Police Data Base for Locating Birth Family?

  • When the Trouble Began (Or when did orphanages start baby-buying?)

  • Utilizing Searchers Inside China for Birth Parent Searching

  • The Dark Side of China's "Aging Out Orphan" Program

  • One-on-One Interview with an Orphanage Director

  • See a list of articles on the subscription blog

3) Our Foster Family Blog

Research-China has located the foster families for more than 1,000 adoptees. See our Foster Family Location Program and learn about the blog where we list foster families and children.​

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