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Who We Are

Brian & Longlan Stuy

Brian is the owner of Research-China.Org, which he founded in 2001. He and his wife Longlan (Lan) have three daughters from China: Meikina, Meigon, and Meilan. Brian was actively involved in Families with Children from China-Utah for a number of years, including as president of the chapter. He has had many articles about adoption research appear in the Cumberland Law Review, Adoption Today Magazine, and various FCC publications.

     Aside from the research on China adoptions, Brian has had many historical articles published in literary journals and anthologies.

Lan has worked with Brian since the inception of Research-China. She owned "Longlan's Place" on Shamian Island from 1996 until her marriage to Brian. She shares her vast knowledge and love of her home country with each family who works with Research-China, and is passionate about assisting the children who remain in China's orphanages.

     They also have many friends both in the United States and in China who help them out with various services, and they are grateful for their assistance.

Brian and Lan Stuy
The Stuy Family
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