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Orphanage Reliability Analysis

The Orphanage Reliability Analysis is for anyone interested in knowing how trustworthy your orphanage was and how reliable your finding information.
(If you are interested in searching for a birth parent, order the Birth Parent Search Analysis. You don't need to order both; the reports are based on the same data with a different emphasis.)

Adoptive families are given orphanage records on their child but many find later that their children's histories are all too similar. With children from the same orphanage, how many have the same finding location, the same health description, the same daily routine? This information can lead to other questions, such as, Were other children found by the same finder? Was Family Planning active in the area at the time of the finding? How reliable is the information provided, and was the child really found as described?

Since 2001, Research-China.Org has been interviewing orphanage directors, police officers, foster families, finders, and other players and gathering information, statistics, and insights into how children enter the orphanages. In an Orphanage Reliability Analysis—specific to your child and their orphanage—we provide you with a comprehensive and straightforward look at the data to help you decide the accuracy of the information given to you by the orphanage.

Included in the analysis, specific to your child's orphanage, are:

  • Name Interpretation

  • Orphanage Adoption Statistics

  • Gender/Health Analysis

  • Finding Location Analysis

  • Areas of Concern

  • Summary of Orphanage Characteristics

Orphanage Reliability Analysis Sample
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